Can I Apply For PayPal Credit Without SSN?

Re: How do I apply for PayPal credit if I have no social security?

There is no reason to really apply for PayPal Credit.

Of course the credit score in the U.


is linked to a social security number, so you will need one, whether you apply for PayPal Credit or not.

Can I use PayPal without SSN?

Currently, you can send and receive small amounts of money via Paypal without giving in your Social Security Number. At a certain threshold, they’ll stop you and request your SSN and DOB. Under the new rules, it sounds like you won’t be able to have a Cash Account at all without inputting your SSN and DOB.

Can I have credit score without SSN?

No Collateral. There are some credit monitoring services that you can use to check your credit score, but usually, you will need to slot in your SSN and you will need to pay a small fee. There are, however, some ways to check your credit history without SSN: Your credit score can range from 300 to 850.

What do you need to qualify for PayPal credit?

When you apply for PayPal Credit, you provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number, and their partner Comenity Capital Bank will let you know if you’re approved “in seconds,” according to their FAQs.

How can I get a credit card without a social security number?

  • How to get a credit card without a Social Security number.
  • Apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (or ITIN)
  • Choose banks that accept an ITIN or alternative identification.
  • Check your credit.
  • Apply for a credit card.
  • Can’t get approved for a credit card? Consider a prepaid card.
  • Bottom line.

Can PayPal ask for my SSN?

PayPal asks for SSN because it needs the data for sales or credit information. You do not need to provide your social security number for buying transactions. Legally, you are not obligated to supply the number as a buyer.

Is it safe to put your SSN on PayPal?

PayPal must, by IRS tax law, send you a 1099 form to report your income if you reach these levels. If you are a buyer there is no need to report your SSN unless you apply for PayPal credit which requires the last 4 digits of your SSN, or unless you apply for a PayPal debit Mastercard which will require your full SSN.

Which bank gives credit card without SSN?

Of the seven major credit card issuers that we researched, five will allow you to apply for a credit card without an SSN. They are: American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase and Citibank.

Can undocumented immigrants build credit?

Offering credit to undocumented immigrants is controversial, and some lenders may choose not to do so for that reason. But it’s not illegal. There is no requirement that lenders verify a person’s citizenship or immigration status before issuing them credit, or check their Social Security number.

What credit card does not require SSN?

Capital One® Platinum Credit Card

The best credit card without a Social Security number requirement is the Capital One Platinum Mastercard. Applicants can use an ITIN instead of an SSN. Capital One Platinum also has a $0 annual fee and a None foreign transaction fee.

What is the minimum credit score for PayPal credit?

PayPal doesn’t make public what score is needed for their Credit program. Based on user reports across the internet, the lowest scores approved are 600 FICO.

What is the maximum PayPal credit line?

Once you have been approved and accept the terms of use, PayPal will give you a credit limit of at least $250. PayPal will periodically review your account and may increase or decrease your credit limit.

What happens if I owe PayPal money and I never pay?

If you choose to leave your account negative, in 90 days PayPal will turn your account over to IQOR, a debt collection agency to try and get the money you owe back. You will also receive non-stop calling from IQOR trying to get you to pay the debt you owe.