Quick Answer: Can I Pay Discover Card Bill At Sears?

You can pay your Discover Card bill at any Sears store.

Just walk up to any cashier.

Can I make a Discover card payment at Sears?

Pay in Person

Check with your local Sears, as many stores accept Discover Card payments. If your store is one of them, you can make your payment to any sales associate. Sears will not accept payments made by cash, money order or cashier’s check.

How do I pay my Discover card bill?

What are my options for making a payment to my Discover card account? You can make a payment onlinelink to get help information about how to make an online payment, over the phone and by mail. If you would like to make a payment over the phone, contact us 24/7 at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).

Can I pay my Discover card bill at Walmart?

Credit cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Pay with Cash Opens in new window (credit cards, cash, checks, Walmart gift cards, money order, and EBT (must select cash option in debit reader)).

What is the mailing address for Discover card payments?

I need a mailing address to pay my bill. Send a check to: Discover Financial Services, P.O. Box 6103, Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103.

Can I pay Discover card with PayPal?

U.S. PayPal customers can pay with their Discover cards on all of the contactless enabled merchants that take Discover as a payment method.

How can I cancel a Discover card payment?

You can close your Discover Card account by calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).

Can I pay my Discover card with a credit card?

Discover won’t accept that form of payment. If Discover were to accept credit card payments, they would have to pay what are called interchange fees to the bank that issued the credit card and to the card network (e.g. Visa or MasterCard). Most retailers pay these fees as a cost of doing business.

How can I pay my credit card bill?

You can get details by calling the customer service phone number for your financial institution. Most credit card issuers will let you set up online payments from your checking account or savings account so your bill will automatically get paid on the due date each month.

How do I set up autopay on my Discover card?

To enroll in automatic payments, just log in to your Discover account online and go to the DirectPay section. You can customize your automatic payment amount, with payment options such as minimum payment or full statement balance, for example.

Can I pay my Xfinity bill at Walmart?

Through a partnership with PayNearMe, Comcast has launched a new feature on the XFINITY My Account app which enables customers to pay their bills using cash at more than 7,700 participating 7-Eleven stores. Go to the ‘Pay Bill’ section of the XFINITY My Account app and select the new ‘Cash via PayNearMe’ option.

Can I pay my credit card bill at Walmart?

Payment Options With Walmart Credit Cards

Payments can be made in any Walmart location at the customer service desk. If a consumer is also a Sam’s Club member, he can make a payment at any Sam’s Club location. Payments made in the store post to a consumer’s credit card account within 48 hours.

Can I pay my Capital One credit card bill at Walmart?

You can pay your Capital One credit card bill at Walmart. But you can’t pay at the customer service desk – that’s only for Walmart credit card payments. Instead, you can pay your Capital One credit card bill at Walmart through MoneyGram and Western Union locations, which are often located in Walmart stores.

What bank is Discover credit card?

Most cards with the Discover brand are issued by Discover Bank, formerly the Greenwood Trust Company. Discover transactions are processed through the Discover Network payment network.

Why is my Discover card being declined?

One of the most straightforward reasons your credit card could have been declined is because you’ve reached the credit limit on the card that was set by your card issuer and the company simply won’t let you borrow any more money until you’ve made a payment.

How do I change my Discover card billing address?

Can I change my address, phone number and e-mail address online? Yes, you can change your address, phone number, and email address online, as well as your user ID and password and your bank information. To update any of this information, log in to the Account Center and then click on “Account Profile”.