Can I Pay Monthly For A Cruise?

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Can I make monthly payments on a cruise?

Yes. If you use Uplift Pay Monthly, you can make one low payment to book your cruise now, and pay off the rest of your balance over the next 11 months.

Do cruise lines offer payment plans?

For most cruise lines, full payment must be received about 75 to 90 days before the cruise sets sail. Carnival for example offers Carnival EasyPay that breaks the cruise down into installments that need to be paid in the required timeline and travel agencies may also offer similar plans.

Does Royal Caribbean have payment plans?

Royal Caribbean has added a new option for guests booking a cruise directly with the cruise line via its website, where they can finance the cruise fare cost. An update to the Royal Caribbean website now offers a monthly payment plan option, along side the traditional booking option.

Can I make payments on my Carnival Cruise?

Carnival Cruise Line has launched a new pay-over-time program that allows guests to pay for their cruise in three monthly installments. Travel agents can also sign up for the program to process payments on behalf of their clients.