Quick Answer: Can I Use My FSA Card At Walgreens?

FSA-eligible products like contact lenses, first aid supplies and sun care can be paid for in store or online with your FSA card.

FSA Rx products are also available for purchase with a prescription.

Can I use my FSA card at CVS?

If you use an FSA debit card for purchasing over-the-counter health-related products, or for your prescription co-payments, our FSA easy store register system will automatically charge FSA eligible items* to your FSA debit card. You can then choose an alternative form of payment to cover any remaining items.

Can I use my TASC card at Walgreens?

If you have a TASC Card, it can be used to pay for medical expenses at clinics, optometrists, dentists, pharmacies, and other merchants with a healthcare inventory approval system in place.

What does FSA mean at Walgreens?

Flexible Spending Account

Can I use my FSA card at Target?

Since Target is an IIAS merchant, when you checkout, you can use your FSA-branded benefit card. Target’s system will automatically know that your contacts solution is FSA-eligible, and will allow your FSA card to pay for it. Your Target receipt will even indicate what items were FSA-eligible and paid by your FSA.