Question: Can I Use PayPal To Make A Payment On My Utility Bill?

Online payment company PayPal introduced a new bill-payment service Friday.

The service allows customers to pay more than 1,000 preset billers, including phone, credit card and utility companies.

Customers can pay bills using their PayPal balances or their bank accounts.

How do I pay bills with PayPal?

Set up your vendors to receive PayPal payments, then pay them using your PayPal account directly from the Your account is ready today to make PayPal payments: Add your PayPal Account. Log in to, then go to “Set Up > Company > PayPal Accounts”.

Can you make payments with PayPal?

You can make payments online, by phone, or by mail. To make payments online, log into your PayPal account, then select PayPal Credit. To make payments by mail, use the payment address provided on your billing statement.

Can I Pay Boost Mobile with PayPal?

The better question for you is, does my boost mobile phone accept paypal? From what I’ve read, they don’t accept PayPal. However you should check that out. Per their own FAQs: You have the option to pay with cash, credit card or debit card or you can pay in person, online, or over the phone.

Can I pay British Gas with PayPal?

It’s quick and easy to pay your British Gas bill online. Make an onlinepayment now. Please note – we don’t currently accept payments made via PayPal. Once you register with the service you can pay by text.