Question: How Can I Pay My HDFC Credit Card Bill From Other Bank?

How can I pay my HDFC credit card bill from another bank?

Go to the ‘Credit Card’ tab, choose ‘Credit Card Payment’ and make the payments using your HDFC Bank Savings Account.> NEFT/ Visa Money Transfer (for other bank account holders) You can transfer funds from any other bank account to your HDFC Bank Credit Card account electronically.

How can I pay my credit card bill with another credit card?

There is no direct way of paying one credit card bill through another credit card.

Can you pay your credit card bill with another credit card?

  • Through Cash. Withdraw money from ATM for the credit card you want to make the payment with.
  • Through e-wallet.
  • Through Balance Transfer.

How do I pay my Bank of America credit card from another bank?

If you’re paying your bill from an account at another financial institution, select the Manage Pay To/Pay From Accounts link from the Bill Pay menu, then select the Add Pay From Account button and follow the instructions (you’ll need your bank’s 9-digit routing number and your account number in order to set up the Pay

How do I make credit card payments?

Pay Credit Card Bill Offline Through the ATM

Visit any nearest ATM of your credit card issuer with your debit card, insert your debit card into the ATM kiosk, select credit card bill payment option and follow the instructions to make credit card payment.

How can I pay HDFC credit card bill instantly?

Pay HDFC Credit Card bill through NEFT

  1. Log in to the net banking or the mobile banking account to your non-HDFC bank.
  2. Go to the funds transfer section and select NEFT as the payment option.
  3. Enter your credit card details and initiate the payment.
  4. For paying your credit card through NEFT, use the IFSC Code HDFC0000128.

How can I transfer money from HDFC credit card to another bank account?

What’s the process?

  • Log onto NetBanking.
  • Enter your Customer ID and Password.
  • Go to Third Party Funds Transfer, and select Visa CardPay.
  • Enter the transfer details, including the sender and recipient information.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Credit the beneficiary’s card.

Can you pay one credit card with another?

The short answer is no, at least not in that way. Credit card issuers typically don’t accept credit cards as a regular payment method. Rather, they generally request that you make your payment using your checking or savings account, or with cash or check at a local branch, ATM, over the phone or by mail.

Is it smart to pay off one credit card with another?

Paying Off One Credit Card with Another Can Be Beneficial

As long as you are aware of the terms and conditions and you manage your account well, transferring your credit card balance to a lower interest account can work to your advantage.

Can I pay my credit card bill with PayTM?

Yes, there is an option to pay your credit card bills through Paytm. Paytm is an e-commerce payment system that lets you make instant mobile prepaid online recharge, pay electricity bills and so on.