Question: How Do I Link My Discover Rewards To Amazon?

After you sign into your account, hover over “Account and Lists,” then go to “Shop with Points.” The next page will open all your accounts enrolled with

Click anywhere on the Discover Card line and check “Apply by Default.”

Or pay in part and let your Card cover the rest.

  • CREATE OR SIGN IN TO YOUR AMAZON.COM ACCOUNT. Go to to complete your one-time registration.
  • LINK YOUR ACCOUNT. Follow the instructions to link your Membership Rewards Account to your Account.

How do you use Discover rewards?

Redeem any amount, any time.

  1. CASH. Deposit any amount into your bank account or apply to your Discover bill as a statement credit.
  2. Pay with rewards at checkout.
  3. Gift Cards. Get at least $5 free added to each card on over 100 popular brands, starting at $20.
  4. Charity.

Can I use Amex rewards on Amazon?

How do I use Membership Rewards points at When you save your Membership Rewards eligible Card to your account, American Express will share your points balance with Amazon to display it to you, so you can choose whether or not to use points.

What is Amazon cashback bonus?

Shop with Points offers customers the ability to pay for purchases at using their rewards from banks or credit card issuers. At this time Discover Cashback Bonus or Miles can only be redeemed for online orders at and are not redeemable over the phone.