Question: How Do You Know If Your Credit Card Can Be Used Internationally?

Basically, when you’re abroad, you can use your credit card as you would in your own country.

Even the contactless option will work if available.

You can also use your credit card to withdraw cash in most ATMs overseas.

Can I use my credit card internationally?

1. Draft your credit card plan. For travel abroad, you will want at least two credit cards that are Visas or Mastercards (American Express and Discover are less widely accepted worldwide). You also will want to pack credit cards that charge no foreign transaction fees.

Can I use my debit card in another country?

Make a list of places you can use your debit card at an ATM for free. If your bank is part of a network, often you can use ATMs run by other banks in its network for free, even if you’re in another country. Call your bank to find out if it is part of a network by calling it.

What is the best credit card for international travel?

Here Are the Best International Travel Credit Cards:

  • Best Overall: Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card.
  • Best Bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred.
  • Best Perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • Best Premium: The Platinum Card® from American Express.
  • Best Flat Rate: Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard®

Will my credit card work in Europe?

American credit cards work throughout Europe (at hotels, larger shops and restaurants, travel agencies, car-rental agencies, and so on); Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted. Vendors might offer you a discount for paying with cash, or they might not accept credit cards at all.