Quick Answer: How Do You Pick A Good Diamond On James Allen?

We recommend reputable online diamond vendors. Based on our years of experience, James Allen and Blue Nile have proven to offer the best selection at the best prices.

Starting page for finding diamonds at James Allen.

  • Choose Your Diamond Shape.
  • Select Your Carat Weight.
  • Narrow Down on Cut Quality.

Are James Allen Diamonds good quality?

James Allen is a good online diamond retailer if you’re looking for value. It offers a large selection of diamonds and settings at fair prices. All diamonds have 360-degree videos and are certified. You can also chat 24/7 with jewelry experts for any questions.

How do I choose the right diamond for my engagement ring?

How To Choose A Diamond

  1. First, further reduce Clarity. Go as low as SI1.
  2. Next, reduce Color. Go as low as J. If you know the diamond will be set in yellow gold, you could safely drop to K.
  3. Finally, reduce the Cut. Go as low as Good in round diamonds, and Fair in fancy shapes.

Can you negotiate with James Allen?

James Allen is a recognized brand in the diamond jewelry industry. This brand does not offer the potential customer the ability to negotiate a better price when they wish to purchase from them.

What is the best quality diamond to buy?


GradeNot Carried by Blue NileBlue Nile Quality
CutFair and PoorGood, Very Good, Ideal, and Astor Ideal
ColorL, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and ZK, J, I, H, G, F, E, and D
ClarityI1, I2, and I3SI2, SI1, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF, and FL

Is James Allen Better Than Blue Nile?

The main difference between James Allen and Blue Nile are: James Allen has more engagement ring settings and styles, whereas Blue Nile focuses more narrowly on a few styles. James Allen has a wider selection of Rose Gold and Yellow Gold rings compared to Blue Nile.

Is Costco Diamonds good quality?

Diamond Quality Information

GIA has established the internationally accepted standard for diamond grading on which Costco’s standards are based. Costco offers our members high quality jewelry at an exceptional value.

Which diamond cut is most expensive?

The most expensive diamond cut is the round brilliant

And it’s not just because it’s the most in-demand: The round brilliant has the most facets of any shape, which require more precision work, and cutters have to discard more of the rough diamond, so you essentially pay for a larger stone than you end up with.

Which diamond cut looks biggest?

The diamond shapes that look the largest are:

  • Marquise: has the largest surface area of all shapes.
  • Pear: has one pointy end that makes the diamond longer.
  • Oval: stretched out shape looks bigger than round.
  • Emerald: rectangular shape appears larger.

What is the best color for a diamond?

In general, the highest quality diamonds are totally colorless, whereas lower quality diamonds can often have a slight yellow tint. Diamond color is measured using a scale from the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, which goes from D (colorless) all the way to Z (light yellow or brown in color).