How Long Does FSA Reimbursement Take?

10 to 14 days

How long does a reimbursement take?

Claims with appropriate supporting documentation are typically processed within 3 business days of receipt. If your claim is approved, reimbursements by check are sent via USPS First-Class Mail and should be received within 7-10 days from the processing date.

Is FSA money available immediately?

When do my Health Care FSA funds become available? The full annual contribution amount for a Health Care FSA is preloaded and immediately available for use at the beginning of the plan year. Any unused money remaining in the FSA at the end of the plan year is returned to the employer.

How does FSA reimbursement work?

Here’s how an FSA works. Money is set aside from your paycheck before taxes are taken out. You can then use your pre-tax FSA dollars to pay for eligible health care expenses throughout the plan year. You save money on expenses you’re already paying for, like doctors’ office visits, prescription drugs, and much more.

How long does it take to get HRA reimbursement?

When can I expect to receive my reimbursement? Claims are generally processed within two business days of receipt. Reimbursements are then processed and released according to the disbursement schedule and funding option of the employer.