How Much Does A 2 Week Trip To Europe Cost?

Europe budget for 2 weeks

Estimated CostNotes
TOTAL$6,670$3,335 each
Accommodations$2,100$150 x 14 days
Local transportation$240$120 X 2
Attractions$400$200 X 2

4 more rows

How much does a Europe trip cost?

The main day-to-day costs associated with travel include accommodation, food, sightseeing, public transportation, and a few extra incidental costs. Most frugal-minded, hostel-hopping backpackers spend around $70-$100/day in Western Europe and $40-$70/day in Eastern Europe.

How much should I budget per day Europe?

The short answer: As a general rule of thumb, plan on budgeting between 50€-70€/day for Western Europe and around 30€-50€/day for Eastern Europe. Continue reading to get a more in-depth answer to this question. The amount of money you’ll spend per day will vary greatly based on multiple factors.

How much does a family trip to Europe cost?

Generally, families will find the least expensive flight prices to Europe from January to March. The most expensive time to fly is during summer vacation. Flight prices from the US can range from $400 per person to $2000 per person depending upon specific city pairs and the amount of advanced purchase.

How do I save for a trip to Europe?

Money saving tips to help you pay for your European holiday

  • Start a loose change jar.
  • Skip your daily take away coffee.
  • Take your own lunch to work.
  • Sell some stuff.
  • Set up a direct debit to a savings account.
  • Plan ahead so you can take advantage of early bird offers.
  • Cancel your memberships if you’re not using them.

Are hostels safe?

The best hostels work hard to make sure that their accommodation is safe for the guests because there is a lot of human interaction among strangers. If safety of belongings is an issue, most hostels offer lockers. If personal safety is worrisome, private rooms are usually available.

How much does a trip to Paris cost?

Airfare to Paris from the United States is easier than ever with direct flights coming out of almost every major city. Our best estimate of what a trip to Paris, France will cost is about $1,305 per person with additional travelers costing another $915 each.

How much money do I need for 10 days in Italy?

For ten days in Italy including three major cities and two day trips, you can expect to pay about $2,600 USD which is actually more than a month long trip to Southeast Asia.

How much does a meal cost in Europe?

Cheap fast food meals cost 9–15 euros, while restaurants meals cost around 15–25 euros. Nicer establishments will cost 30 euros or more. You can cook your food for a week for around 65 euros>. Transportation: The easiest way to get around Europe is by train.

How much does a week in Europe cost?

How Much It Cost to Travel Europe for 2 Weeks

Food and Drinks$1,021.13
Shopping and misc.$338.53

3 more rows