Question: How Much Is Discover Card Late Fee?

This fee can range in amount, but is usually at least $27 for the first missed payment and higher for additional missed payments.

Does Discover card charge late fees?

Though your first missed minimum payment won’t incur a $27 late fee, subsequent missed minimum payments will. And if you’ve been charged a late fee during the prior six billing periods, the fee will be $37.

What happens if I pay my Discover card one day late?

You just missed your payment due date.

Perhaps you lost a credit card statement, or simply forgot to send your payment. You will usually be charged a late payment fee. If you pay what you owe or make payment arrangements with your issuer, the missed payment may not be reported to the credit bureaus yet.

Does Discover Card have a grace period?

The Discover card grace period is at least 25 days from the end of each billing period until the payment due date. Billing periods that begin in February get a minimum of 23 days. If you don’t pay a Discover card’s balance in full by the due date, the remaining balance will begin to accumulate interest.

Does Discover Card have late payment forgiveness?

Discover ‘It’ Card Offers Late-Payment Forgiveness, Few Penalties. Discover’s “It” has a gracious fee policy that does not punish card members too much for making a late payment. The Discover It card waives the first late-payment fee ($35 for each late payment afterward); and there is no penalty APR.