Quick Answer: What Does Resolute Mean?

What is an example of resolute?

The definition of resolute is being firm and unwavering in your convictions.

An example of resolute is when you just keep trying and trying to learn piano no matter what setbacks you face.


What is a good example of determination?

Determination is defined as a firm intent or a decision which has been reached. An example of determination is the strength to keep applying for jobs after being turned down by dozens of potential employers. An example of determination is a jury’s verdict in a trial. Bringing to an end; termination; limit.

What does it mean to be easily led?

to be easily persuaded to do or believe something. Synonyms and related words. + Weak, and not determined or ambitious.

What does deductive mean?

1 : of, relating to, or provable by deriving conclusions by reasoning : of, relating to, or provable by deduction (see deduction sense 2a) deductive principles.

Can a person be ostentatious?

A pretentious person is pretending (same etymology) to be something or someone he or she is not. An ostentatious person, on the other hand, delights in flaunting who he or she is and/or what they have. An expression which may reflect the lifestyle of the “rich and famous” is “conspicuous consumption”!

What is a resolute person?

Use the adjective resolute to describe a purposeful and determined person, someone who wants to do something very much, and won’t let anything get in the way.

What is the synonym for resolute?

Some common synonyms of resolute are constant, faithful, loyal, staunch, and steadfast.

How do you become resolute?

6 Steps To Developing Resolute DeterminationSetting a spiritual intention. … Keeping a resolution requires resolute determination. … Be specific. … Make a plan. … Visualize each step. … Re-set your resolution every day. … Allocate time. … Make yourself accountable.More items…•

What is resolute protector?

a staunch defender of free speech steadfast implies a steady and unwavering course in love, allegiance, or conviction. steadfast in their support resolute implies firm determination to adhere to a cause or purpose.

What is the sentence of determined?

Elihu Burritt was a poor boy who was determined to learn. He’s determined to keep me. Rhyn waited for it, determined to put up the same fight he always did.

What is single minded?

adjective. having or showing a single aim or purpose: a single-minded program. dedicated; resolute; steadfast: He was single-minded in his concern for truth.

How do you use the word resolute?

Resolute sentence examplesShe entered the room with resolute steps. … But he was not resolute in his opposition. … A resolute shrug indicated his search was futile. … The look of his eyes was resolute, calm, and animatedly alert, as never before. … But Grant was as resolute as ever.More items…

What is a wise person called?

Similar words for wise person: philosopher (noun) sage (noun) savant (noun) scholar (noun) thinker (noun)

What is resolute space?

The Resolute was a colony ship appearing on Netflix’s Lost in Space constructed by the US government. Its primary mission was to carry passengers from Earth to Alpha Centauri. The ship was destroyed in Ninety-Seven, when it collided with a piece of itself that had previously broken off. It was captained by Radic.

What does purposeful mean?

adjective. having a purpose. determined; resolute. full of meaning; significant.

What does Downy mean?

adjective, down·i·er, down·i·est. of the nature of or resembling down; fluffy; soft. made of down. covered with down. soft; soothing.