What APR Will I Get With A 690 Credit Score?

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FICO® Score Range60-Month New Auto Loan APR48-Month New Auto Loan APR

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What interest rate can I get with a 690 credit score?

Many auto lenders use “tiers” of credit scores in order to qualify customers for car loans. According to FICO, a top-tier score is 720 or above, and consumers in this category can expect to pay about 3.3% on a 60-month new auto loan. And, the next tier of scores from 690-719 has a slightly higher average of 4.7%.

Is a 690 credit score bad?

FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850, with 300 being very poor and 850 being perfect. A credit score of 690 is in the high range of average, meaning that you might have a damaged credit history but that in general, you’ve made most of your payments on time.

What APR can you get with a 700+ credit score?

That’s important because a credit score of 700 on the standard 300 to 850 scale nearly qualifies as “excellent” (good credit ranges from 660 to 719).

Who Has A 700 Credit Score?

Credit ScoreTierPercentage of Americans
660 – 719Good17.33%
620 – 659Fair/Limited13.47%
300 – 619Bad31.08%

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Can I get a house with a 690 credit score?

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders pull a credit report from all three credit bureaus on you. Lenders qualify you based on your “middle” credit score. If your scores are 720, 740, and 750, the lender will use 740 as your FICO. If your scores are 630, 690, and 690, the lender will use 690 as your FICO.

Is a 691 FICO score good?

A 691 FICO® Score is Good, but by raising your score into the Very Good range, you could qualify for lower interest rates and better borrowing terms.

Can you have a 900 credit score?

A credit score of 900 is either not possible or not very relevant. The number you should really focus on is 800. On the standard 300-850 range used by FICO and VantageScore, a credit score of 800+ is considered “perfect.” That’s because higher scores won’t really save you any money.