Question: What Happens If I Go Over My Discover Credit Card Limit?

Over-the-limit Fees

An over-the-limit fee may be charged if you make a purchase that exceeds your credit limit.

You must authorize your credit card to allow you to go over your limit or your issuer cannot charge you this fee.

What is the over limit fee for Discover Card?

Discover customers are charged overlimit fees of $15 on balances up to $500 and $39 on balances over that amount. The company does not detail how many cards it has outstanding in its financial reports. Both companies said consumers may be able to continue to use their cards beyond their limits after the policy changes.

How much can I go over my credit card limit?

If you go over your credit limit, your card issuer may simply decline the transaction. Some card issuers may allow charges that exceed your credit limit, but they typically charge an over-limit fee of up to $25 the first time you go over your limit and up to $35 if you do it again within six months.

Is it bad to go over credit limit?

Of course, going over your credit limit only affects your credit score if the issuer reports the faux pas to the three major credit reporting agencies. Some may not, and in other instances, you can keep it off of your reports by paying off the excessive balance before your statement’s billing date.

What happens if I go over my credit card limit Capital One?

If you go over your credit limit make sure you pay more than the minimum payment. Your monthly interest may push you over your credit limit again and you will be charged, so make sure you pay back as much as you can.