Question: What If I Pay Too Much On My Credit Card?

Several issuers, including Regions, also make it clear you won’t earn any interest on your credit balance.

If you’re legitimately owed a credit card refund, and your issuer won’t pay up, you can file a complaint through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

What happens if you pay more than your credit card balance?

When you make a payment for more than the balance of your credit card, your account is credited. Your amount owed will appear negative on your credit card statement until a charge is made. If you choose to close the account, the credit card company will return the amount you overpaid on your bill.

Is it bad to overpay your credit card?

There certainly is a benefit to paying your credit card balances down to $0, but you won’t derive any additional credit score benefit from an overpayment. Having said that, overpaying your credit card bill can’t hurt your credit scores either. Credit cards accounts are not interest accruing accounts.

Can you pay more than your credit card statement?

This will be good in general for your credit scores, but in most cases it’s probably unnecessary. As long as your account has a grace period, you can take more time to pay without any penalty. Paying early won’t save you any money on interest (as long as you have that grace period).