What Is Priceline’s Cancellation Policy?

Can you cancel a reservation on Priceline?

How do I cancel a Priceline hotel reservation? If the reservation is cancellable or refundable, just call 1-800-PRICELINE. If you booked the hotel as an Express Deal or as a Name Your Own Price reservation, the official policy is that it can’t be canceled.

Does Priceline have 24 hour cancellation policy?

3. Priceline. You can cancel a Priceline ticket within 24 hours of booking and get a full refund with no cancellation fees. You have to call before 11:30 pm Eastern Standard Time and at least 1 hour prior to departure or check-in.

Is Priceline refundable?

Your ability to change or cancel your hotel reservation depends on the type of reservation you have. If you booked an Express Deals®, a Priceline deal in which the full itinerary is revealed only after you book – your reservation is non-refundable, non-changeable and non-cancellable.

Can I get a refund on my hotel room?

Get a refund

Contact the hotel or booking agency directly to see if they are willing to accommodate you and issue a refund. If so, you’re all set! This is obviously the best option, as it guarantees the largest possible return on lost money.

What is the cancellation policy for Priceline?

On confirmed reservations for hotel rooms or rental cars, Priceline has no blanket cancellation policy. The individual hotel or rental car company controls cancellation policies. As one exception, Priceline allows its customers to cancel or exchange airline tickets purchased on the same day on a case-by-case basis.

Can you cancel a non refundable hotel reservation?

You can cancel it if you wish, but you will not receive a refund. I think its the hotels themselves who set the rules for their hotels deals, either non-refundable or Free Cancellation. You could try contacting booking.com, but be prepared for them to say its non-refundable and they can not do anything for you.