What Type Of Card Is Union Pay?

How do I use my union pay card?

Choose your preferred payment method

  • Choose UnionPay online payment after selecting your merchants.
  • Fill in the card number and PIN of your HSBC China Debit Card, along with the mobile number you have previously registered at HSBC.

What is the difference between union pay and Visa?

China UnionPay and Visa / MasterCard are both only payment processors and not card issuers. They all basically earn their money the same way — principally by charging merchants fees for accepting their card. The big difference is that Visa / MC can charge merchants 3% or more.

How does Union Pay Work?

Bet you 50 bucks that at least one of them has a MasterCard or Visa logo on it. And there you have the simple answer: Just like MasterCard or Visa, UnionPay is a digital payment method. It processes the transactions carried out on credit cards from banks, and merchants (aka the shops you buy from).

Can I use my UnionPay card online?

Very few US online merchants will accept UnionPay. That said, Amazon has recently started accepting UnionPay cards. Online merchants are not included in the agreement between UnionPay and Discover. What you should do to avoid issues is obtain an international credit card from a Mainland bank.

Is UnionPay a Visa or MasterCard?

UnionPay cards can be used in 164 countries and regions around the world. Some UnionPay credit cards are also affiliated with American Express (AmEx), MasterCard, or Visa, and they can be used abroad as American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit cards.

How do I pay my union pay?



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