Where Can I Pay My BDO Credit Card?

Banks That Accept Credit Card Payments Through Phone Banking

Here are the numbers of banks with a phone banking facility that you can call to pay your bill: BDO: 8631-8000.

BPI: 889-10000.

Metrobank: 5-8000 or 1800-1-888-5800.

How do I pay my credit card bill BDO?

1. BDO Website

  • Log in using your registered User ID and Password.
  • Select My Quick Links.
  • Select Credit Cards Bills Payment.
  • Select Auto Charge Arrangement.
  • Completely fill out the form and click submit.

How do I pay my BDO credit card bill over the counter?

BDO OTC Biller How-To

  1. Go to any BDO branch nationwide and fill-up the orange Payment Slip.
  2. Write DRAGONPAY under Company Name.
  3. Put 0332 under Institution Code.
  4. Under Subscriber’s Account No., write the 10-digit subscriber number indicated in the instruction we gave you.
  5. We only accept CASH payments.

How can I pay my credit card?

Most credit card issuers will let you set up online payments from your checking account or savings account so your bill will automatically get paid on the due date each month. You’ll often be able to pick from several options, like the minimum amount due, a fixed amount, or as we suggest, the new statement balance.

How can I pay my BDO Amex credit card?

Payment Channels

BDO Phone Banking* – access your BDO account to pay for your Card using any touch-tone phone. Just call 8631-8000. SM Bills Payment Counters – pay for your Card through SM Bills Payment. *Enrolment of your BDO account is required to avail of this payment facility.

What is minimum amount due in BDO Credit Card?


This is the sum of the following: (a) 3% of your Outstanding Balance less Installment Amortizations and new transactions posted within the current statement period, or P200, whichever is higher; (b) 3% of Installment Amortization; (c) Overdue Amount; (d) Over-Limit Amount.

How do I know if my BDO credit card is activated?

Need to know the status of your credit card application? Click here and enter either your SSS number or TIN. Click here to activate your card or to check the status of your card activation request.