Which Exchange Rate Is Better Visa Or MasterCard?

The short answer: MasterCard wins

Our results show that all else being equal, you can expect to save ~0.5-1.0% on average with MasterCard as it generally provides better exchange rates than Visa and UnionPay across most currencies, at least 70% of the time.

Does Visa or Mastercard have better exchange rates?

Visa generally gives 1% less favorable exchange rate than Mastercard. MYTH! You get a different exchange rate if you’re using debit, credit or an ATM.

Which credit card has the best exchange rate?

  • Amex True Cashback Card – best for travelling to Western countries.
  • ICBC Global Travel Mastercard – unlimited overseas spending rebate.
  • BOC Elite Miles Card – awesome $1 = 3 miles earn rate.
  • Citi PremierMiles Card – best no-expiry miles card for travelling in 2018.
  • UOB PRVI Miles Card – runner-up miles card.

Is Mastercard as good as visa?

As far as most consumers are concerned, there is no real difference between MasterCard and Visa. The two are both widely accepted in over two hundred countries and it is very rare to find a location that will accept one but not the other. However, neither Visa nor MasterCard actually issue any credit cards themselves.

Is it better to use Visa or Mastercard in Europe?

American credit cards work throughout Europe (at hotels, larger shops and restaurants, travel agencies, car-rental agencies, and so on); Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted. It’s a good idea to bring an extra card as a backup (especially if you’re renting a car and using your card to cover CDW insurance).